Volkswagen Enthusiast

Creative Direction // Art + Design

As Volkswagen continues to grow into it's claim as the people's car, we were tasked with tapping into the core audience and instilling confidence that it has not lost touch with it’s roots.

We focused on a series of independent european auto shows that typically are the bloodline of the VW subculture. These shows feature the best of the best, showing off the true passion for Volkswagen autos.

The program was a success, not only with connecting influencers, but also fostering a new camaraderie within the subculture and giving them a strong sense of value from Volkswagen.

Event Posters

A series of limited edition prints were made for the events. Modern graphics, natural textures, and silver inks were used.

Volkswagen Director

A mobile studio was set up where enthusiasts directed their own professional photo shoot with their autos.

Photos were captured by professional car photographers and printed as keepsakes. The images were also uploaded to the VW Enthusiast blog and shared through social media.

Roaming Photographers

Additional content was captured for the blog and online use.

The following year I evolved the creative into a set of dark shields to serve as badges for each event. The shields were used for car wraps, photo sleeves, dog tags and stickers.