The Secret Device

Creative Direction // Art + Design

Partnered with Emmy-award winning game creator Matt Wolf, we created this Alternate Reality Game using websites, videos, a hotline, and other stunts to promote Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy 2.

For ten weeks we puppeteered the online adventure as players journeyed through 21 different websites to seek out clues and unlock over 60 minutes of videos, documents, unreleased Hellboy 2 content and other in game prizes.

Part advertisement, part entertainment, the game created a worldwide community as it was played in over 100 countries and experienced in over 60 different languages.

Participants contributed drawings, photos, videos, and created fansites and blogs. Our work was even included as part of a Dark Horse comic book.

Movie trailers lead people to a website of cryptic limericks and the start of our game.

Officially kicking off at Comicon, HETFET, our Greenpeace-esque organization staged a friendly protest to draw attention to and petition their causes.

Stencils and leaves adorning clues were planted around the event. Industry news, message boards and gaming blogs immediately reported and some of the materials even showed up on ebay as Hellboy collectibles.