Lexus CT Hybrid

Creative Direction // Art + Design

Leading one of the most ambitious digital launches for Lexus at the time, the CT's online advertising, web, mobile, iPad, and social media elements accounted for 66% of the overall 2.3 billion impressions.

Ads were created with a combination of images and feature videos. was transformed into an interactive studio with animations, feature videos, and a section connected to social media and other aggrigated content.

An iPad application was developed with an engaging informational experience, aggregated editorial content, and an interactive game.

Earthnight 3D Projection

Partnering with Intersection magazine, we created an Earthnight event in New York and Los Angeles. A 3D projection was created for the events.

Outdoor Murals

Eco friendly murals in major markets were created as visual illusions reinforcing the CT’s unconfined approach.

Fresh Perspectives

A series of artist documentaries created for MSN and Xbox Live.

Paint Your Profile

An interactive feature that turns social media profile data into a abstract work of art for posting and sharing.