Cultural Interests

I’ve been immersed in skateboarding and surf culture since the late 1970’s. I found some success riding a skateboard, but more importantly the camaraderie within it. A community of inspiring individuality, creativity, diversity, and so much more.

“As serious as Willy is at everything he does, he hasn’t forgotten his roots. He's staying young and keeping his wheels in motion.”

Scott Soens
Photographer, Cinematographer
Patagonia, Ralph Lauren, Billabong, Hurley, Nixon, Electric

“He's there to help out when ya need it. He rides his favorite wheels and deck no matter what kind of progress skateboarding has made. Also, he's one of the coolest bank robbers I know.”

Chuck Treece
Musician, Skateboarder Mcrad, The Roots, Urge Overkill, Bad Brains, Billy Joel, Buck-O-Nine, Sting, The Goats


We have an abundant and accessible visual culture. I’ve been an active photographer and contributor for many years, shooting with a strong preference for skateboarding, landscape and live music.